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Learning Model

BFELE adopts a blended learning approach, merging self-guided online study through the BFELE Learning Management System portal, with virtual classrooms and live webinars. Through the integration of cutting-edge technology, a rigorous curriculum, and creative teaching methods, BFELE strives to deliver an exceptional educational experience for its students.

Course Material

The course content has been meticulously crafted by seasoned industry professionals, each boasting over a decade of practical experience in their respective fields. Emphasis is strongly directed towards the practical facets and real-world case studies within each subject.

Virtual Classroom

Anytime, Anywhere Log into our LMS platform and study


Students benefit from a highly efficient e-mentoring system that allows them to promptly address their academic inquiries via email.

Web-based Support Service

Our Learning Management System (LMS) portal is fast, efficient, reliable and user friendly.