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Certificate Level Food & Beverage Courses

Offers foundational training in baking and decorating cakes, covering techniques, ingredients, and creative designs for entry-level skills in cake decoration. 

General Cookery

Certificate in General Cookery

Obtain a certificate in general cookery to refine culinary skills and create delicious, diverse dishes.
Cake Making

Certificate in
Cake Making

Get a certificate in cake making to master the art of creating delectable, mouthwatering confection

Diploma Level Food & Beverage Courses

Comprehensive culinary program offering advanced knowledge and skills in various cooking techniques, food preparation, and kitchen management for mid-level culinary careers. 

General Cookery

Diploma in General Cookery

Achieve a diploma in general cookery, mastering culinary arts with diverse techniques and flavorful creations.
Cake Making

Diploma in Cake Making

Earn a diploma in cake making and become a skilled confectionery artist with advanced techniques and knowledge