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Professional Certificate in Health & Fitness

Specialized program for health and fitness professionals, covering exercise, nutrition, wellness, and client coaching.

Certified Personal Exercise Trainer

Certified Personal Exercise Trainer

Provides comprehensive education on fitness, exercise, and training techniques, preparing individuals to become certified personal trainers and help clients achieve fitness goals.
Certified Wight Loss Specialist

Certified Weight Loss Specialist

Offers comprehensive training in weight management, nutrition, exercise, and behavioural coaching, equipping individuals to help clients achieve their weight loss goals.
Certificate in Gym Management

Certificate in Gym Management

Provides foundational knowledge and skills in fitness facility management, covering operations, staffing, marketing, and customer service for entry-level positions.
hbody building training

Certificate in Bodybuilding Trainer

Offers foundational knowledge and practical skills for training individuals in bodybuilding techniques, nutrition, and exercise for entry-level training positions.
Certificate in Performance Nutrition

Certificate in Performance Nutrition

Provides foundational knowledge in nutrition, focusing on dietary strategies and fuelling athletes and individuals for optimal physical performance