1. Respect and Inclusivity

1.1. Treat all members of the institute community with respect, regardless of their background, identity, beliefs, or abilities.

1.2. Avoid offensive, discriminatory, or derogatory language or behaviour, including hate speech, harassment, or bullying.

1.3. Promote a culture of inclusivity and diversity within our institute.

2. Academic Integrity

2.1. Uphold the highest standards of academic honesty and integrity.

2.2. Do not engage in plagiarism, cheating, or any form of academic dishonesty.

2.3. Properly cite sources and respect copyright and intellectual property rights.

3. Professionalism

3.1. Maintain professionalism in all interactions within the institute, including discussions, assignments, and communications.

3.2. Respect the authority of instructors and staff, and adhere to institute policies and guidelines.

4. Privacy and Security

4.1. Safeguard your personal information and that of others.

4.2. Do not share login credentials, personal data, or access to institute resources without authorization.

4.3. Report any security concerns or suspected breaches promptly to institute administrators.

5. Communication and Participation

5.1. Engage in constructive and respectful communication in discussions, forums, and other collaborative activities.

5.2. Contribute meaningfully to the learning community by participating in class discussions and activities as required.

5.3. Notify staff promptly if you encounter technical issues or other barriers to participation.

6. Technology and Resources

6.1. Use institute-provided technology and resources responsibly and only for educational purposes.

6.2. Respect copyright and licensing agreements when using digital materials and resources.

7. Reporting Violations

7.1. If you witness a violation of this code of conduct, report it to institute administrators or instructors.

7.2. The institute will investigate reports of misconduct and take appropriate actions in line with institute policies.

8. Consequences of Violations

8.1. Violations of this code of conduct may result in disciplinary actions, including warnings, probation, suspension, or expulsion, depending on the severity of the offense.

9. Updates and Amendments

9.1. This code of conduct may be updated or amended periodically. It is the responsibility of all members to stay informed about changes.

By participating in [Your Online Education Institute], you agree to abide by this code of conduct and contribute to a positive and productive learning community.